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Howard Savin, PhD, Joins Autism Spectrum News Editorial Board

Mental Health News Education, Inc. (MHNE), publisher of Autism Spectrum News (ASN), is proud to announce that Howard Savin, PhD, Senior Vice President of Autism Quality and Outcomes at Beacon Health Options has become the newest member of the ASN Editorial Board.

Howard A. Savin, PhD

Howard A. Savin, PhD

Howard A. Savin, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and senior behavior health care executive. His accomplishments include the development of a multi-site group mental health practice in suburban Philadelphia, which evolved into a national managed behavioral health care company, AGCA. He is the founder and CEO of Autism Services Group (ASG), the first independent autism insurance benefits management company, which became a division of Beacon Health Strategies, LLC. Following Beacon’s merger with Value Options in December 2014, Dr. Savin transitioned to his present role as Senior Vice President, Autism Programs.

Upon his appointment, Dr. Savin stated, “I am committed to continuing and promoting the philosophy and ideals of Mental Health News Education, Inc. and Autism Spectrum News, which foster the dissemination of scientific research-based practices with the potential to improve services and quality of life. I look forward to being an active member of the ASN Editorial Board to provide guidance on content and uphold the mission of providing the autism community with a trusted resource of safe and proven effective information that is based in science.”

From July 1, 1995 through June 30, 2004, Howard A. Savin served as Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer of the Devereux Foundation – a nationwide, non-profit network of treatment programs for individuals with emotional, behavioral and developmental needs. He also directed Devereux’s Institute of Clinical Training and Research (ICTR). He is an experienced senior manager and practitioner with more than 35 years of accomplishment in the fields of organized behavioral health care, child and adolescent and medical psychology, and he was a pioneer in the managed behavioral healthcare arena. Dr. Savin co-founded a multi-site group practice in suburban Philadelphia that evolved to become Achievement and Guidance Centers of America (AGCA). Through several mergers and acquisitions, this entity became a part of Merck, then, Merit Behavioral Healthcare Corporation, and, subsequently, Magellan Behavioral Health. He has written and presented in the areas of managed behavioral healthcare, quality and accountability, and clinical psychology. Savin previously served as a Board Member of The College of Behavioral Health Leadership and was a Population Health Associate at Thomas Jefferson University.

MHNE’s Board Chairman, Jorge Petit, MD, stated, “We are delighted to welcome Dr. Savin to the ASN Editorial Board. He has been a leader in addressing the care and insurance needs of the autism community and brings a wealth of experience with him that I believe will be an enormous benefit to Autism Spectrum News’ educational mission.”

David Minot, Associate Director of MHNE and Publisher of Autism Spectrum News stated, “I too am delighted that Dr. Savin has joined the esteemed ASN Editorial Board. Navigating the healthcare system is difficult but necessary for families with young and adult children on the autism spectrum, and I look forward to working with Dr. Savin to enhance the content of Autism Spectrum News to address these issues and provide hope through education. I know I speak on behalf of the entire Board at MHNE in praising his work and welcoming him to the ASN Editorial Board.”


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