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  Summer 2021: “Autism and Employment”

  Spring 2021: “Housing and Community Living”

  Winter 2021: “Supporting Children with Autism”

  Fall 2020: “Siblings and Autism”    ( Celebrating Our 50th Issue! )

  Summer 2020: “The Autism Community’s Response to COVID-19”

  Spring 2020: “Supporting Girls and Women with Autism”

  Winter 2020: “Autism and Neurodiversity”

  Fall 2019: “Autism and Community Engagement”

  Summer 2019: “Supporting Older Adults with Autism”

  Spring 2019: “Improving Communication Skills”

  Winter 2019: “Autism and the Transition to Adulthood”

  Fall 2018: “Staying Safe with Autism”

  Summer 2018: “Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum”

  Spring 2018: “Addressing Psychiatric and Medical Conditions Associated with Autism”

  Winter 2018: “Assessment, Diagnosis and Science-Based Interventions”

  Fall 2017: “The Latest Advances in Autism Science”

  Summer 2017: “Improving Health and Wellness for Individuals with ASD”

  Spring 2017: “Supporting Adolescents with Autism”

  Winter 2017: “Autism and Sexuality”

  Fall 2016: “The Unique Needs of Girls and Women with Autism”

  Summer 2016: “Addressing the Needs of Parents, Relatives and Caregivers”

  Spring 2016: “Supporting Adults with Autism”

  Winter 2016: “Technology’s Growing Impact on Autism”

  Fall 2015: “Autism Safety: The Criminal Justice System and First Responders”

  Summer 2015: “The Changing Landscape of Autism Education”

  Spring 2015: “Addressing the Challenging Behaviors Associated with Autism”

  Winter 2015: “The Importance of Scientific Research”

  Fall 2014: “Exploring Relationships and Social Skills”

  Summer 2014: “Autism and Mental Health Services”

  Spring 2014: “Autism in the Workplace”

  Winter 2014: “Using Technology to Enhance the Lives of Individuals on the Spectrum”

  Fall 2013: “Managing the Financial Needs of Autism”

  Summer 2013: “Supportive Housing for Adults with Autism”

  Spring 2013: “Maintaining Skills During Summer Vacation”

  Winter 2013: “Exploring Educational Challenges and Opportunities”

  Fall 2012: “The Importance of Early Intervention After Diagnosis”

  Summer 2012: “Vital Supports and Services in the Community”

  Spring 2012: “Transitioning into Adulthood: Navigating the Complex Changes Ahead”

  Winter 2012: “Science Matters: The Latest Advances in Autism Research”

  Fall 2011: “Understanding and Addressing the Unique Needs of Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and High Functioning Autism”

  Summer 2011: “The Need for Science-Based Treatment and Services”

  Spring 2011: “Autism and the Law Throughout the Lifespan”

  Winter 2011: “Understanding and Treating Conditions Associated with Autism”

  Fall 2010: “Addressing the Growing Needs of Adults”

  Summer 2010: “Helping Families and Individuals Cope with Stress”

  Spring 2010: “Understanding and Accessing Clinical Treatment Services”

  Winter 2010: “Advances in Autism Science”

  Fall 2009: “The Assessment Process and Appropriate Interventions”

  Summer(2) 2009: “Addressing the Needs of Adults on the Spectrum”

  Summer 2009: “Education for Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders”

  Spring 2009: “Helping Parents and Family Members Cope with ASDs”

  Winter 2009: “Understanding and Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders”

  Fall 2008: “The Promise of Research”