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ASN Fall 2023 Issue

“Supporting Parents, Caregivers, and Family Members”

ASN Fall 2023 Issue

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Articles in This Issue

Supporting Parents, Caregivers, and Family Members

“Reflecting on the Journey” – A Retreat for Parents of Autistic Family Members

Anderson Family Partners: Extended Family, Redefined

* Beyond the Autism Diagnosis: Understanding the Multifaceted Needs of Parents

Bridging the Gap: Empowering Families Awaiting an Autism Diagnosis

Helping Families with Disabilities Transition from Child to Adult Systems of Care

* Navigating Autistic Burnout as an Autistic Parent

* Navigating the Sandwich Generation: My Personal Journey as a Neurodivergent Entrepreneur, Mother, and Daughter

Parent Involvement as a Metric of Quality Care

Self-Care is Not Selfish: The Important Role Self-Care Plays in Promoting Good Outcomes in Autistic Individuals

Supporting Families and Caregivers Through a Highly Skilled Workforce: Training with Compassion to Produce Best Outcomes

Supporting Families in ABA Programs with Compassion and Sensitivity

Supporting Families to Prepare Students to Be Participating Members of Their Community

Supporting Families with Autistic Children – What More Can Be Done?

Supporting Immigrant Parents (Now U.S. Citizens) In Navigating Services for Autistic Children

Supporting Latine Caregivers of Autistic Children: Community Needs and Perspectives

The Critical Role of Grandparents for Autism Families

#ActuallyAutistic Self-Advocates

* Autistic Lived Experience: Life Magazine Labeled Me “A Bright Child Who Can’t Learn”

* Lessons I Learned From Job Coaching

* Living and Aging Independently on the Autism Spectrum: An Inside View


A Mother’s Journey Advocating for Her Child’s Autism Diagnosis and What Fellow Educators Can Learn

From Parent to Advocate: My Mission to Help Other Families

Assessment and Diagnosis

Your Child Has Just Been Diagnosed with Autism – Now What?

Education / School

Supporting Young Adults: Transitioning to Post-Secondary Educational Opportunities

The Importance of Residential School-Based Family Support


Advance Your Career with the Synchrony Tech Scholarship for Autistic Adults

Financial Planning

Notes, Buckets, and Beneficiaries: An Introduction to Special Needs Planning

Health and Wellness

How to Overcome Dental Health Challenges for Children with Autism


Aging with Autism: Innovations for Independent Living to Address the Housing Crisis


* (Autistic) Girls on Film? An Analysis of Autistic Female Characters in Media and Fan Interpretations

* An Autistic’s Vision for Neurodiversity-Affirming Therapy

Public Policy

AHRC NYC’s Memorial Goldfarb Symposium Highlights Court Rulings Overlook Impact on Disability Community


A How-To Guide to Emotional Support for Neurodiverse Couples

Autism and Marriage: Making Your Relationship Work Under the Pressures of Caregiving

* Teamwork: Building A Successful Neurodivergent-Neurotypical Marriage

Services, Treatments, and Interventions

* Autism Without Fear: An Autism School Seeks Behavioral Health…Through Humanism

Managing Feeding and Toileting Challenges in Children with Autism

Services for the UnderServed’s Positive Psychology Approach to Serving People in Crisis and Their Families

The Role of Compassion in Professional ABA Services Relationships


Harnessing Technology to Support Individuals with Autism and Their Families

Leveraging Smart Technology to Enhance Independence for Autistic Individuals

Telehealth: Is it Right for Parents and Children?

Transition to Adulthood

Helping Autistic Individuals Navigate Barriers to Adulthood

* Article written by an Autistic Adult

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