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ASN Spring 2024 Issue

“Navigating the Healthcare System”

ASN Spring 2024 Issue

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Articles in This Issue

Navigating the Healthcare System

Autistic Health: Embracing a Holistic Approach

Challenges for Autistic Adults in Navigating the Labyrinth of Healthcare

Considerations to Accessing ABA Therapy Through Insurance

Cultivating Sensory-Friendly Health Care Environments for Autistic Patients

Empowering Eye Exams: Strategies for Supporting Autistic Patients

Facilitating Health Care Visits: How Can We Prepare for a Therapeutic Visit?

Filling the Gaps in Healthcare: The Vital Role of Information Sharing for Individuals with Autism and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Inclusivity and Equality in Treatment: Transforming Health Care, One Step at a Time

Navigating Medical Decision-Making and Insurance for Autistic Children in Divorced Families

Post-Pandemic Telehealth Tips for Providers Working with Autistic Children

Self-Advocacy in Healthcare: Empowering Autistic Adults to Take Control of Their Well-Being

Telehealth Service Delivery to Persons with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

The Critical Role of a Caregiver in Navigating Systems of Care

The Dental Disparity Dilemma

The Economic Undervaluing of the Direct Support Professional Workforce: Unveiling Societal Values and Discrimination Against People with Disabilities

The Role of Mental Health Support in Autism Care: Breaking Free of the Patterns of This World

The Role of Mental Health Treatment for Autistic Individuals

Understanding Insurance Coverage for Autism and Co-Occurring Visual Impairment

What Is Health Equity and Why It Matters to Those with Disabilities

In the News

75 Years: AHRC New York City to Celebrate Milestone Anniversary on May 13th, 2024


Supporting Autistic Adults: Am I College Ready?


Autism Gets an Update: A National Autism Strategy for Canadians

From Stigma to Acceptance: Insights from a Concerned Autistic Self-Advocate

We Are All on the Same Side: Unite the Spectrum

What I’d Like to See Change in the Disability World Over the Next 50 Years – Part 1: Let’s Change How We Define “Disability”

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