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ASN Summer 2023 Issue

“Legal Issues and the Law”

ASN Summer 2023 Issue

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Articles in This Issue

Legal Issues and the Law

Advocating for the Overlooked Needs of Autistic Individuals in the US Criminal Justice System

* Autism and the Law: When Trouble Comes Our Way

Autism, Online Offending, and Victimization

* Autistics, Law Enforcement, the Law, and Unfortunate and Tragic Encounters

Navigating Legal Challenges in Autism Healthcare: Ensuring Access to Services and Insurance Coverage

Navigating the Legal Rights and Entitlements for Your Student with Autism

Preserving Educational Stability: Understanding the Role of Pendency in Tuition Reimbursement Cases for Students with Special Needs

* Rethinking Guardianship: Empowering Autistic Individuals and Preserving Rights

Rights and Challenges for Autistic People with Communication Disabilities in the Legal System

The Dangers of Engaging in Child Pornography (and How Education Can Prevent Heartbreak)

The Power and Potential of the IEP

#ActuallyAutistic Self-Advocates

* An Autistic Woman’s Success Story: Kaelynn Partlow, Therapist, Dog Trainer, and Star of the Hit Netflix Series “Love on the Spectrum”

Assessment and Diagnosis

The Invisible Struggle: Autism Diagnosis in Immigrant Families


Enhancing Communication and Accessibility: Assistive Technology for Individuals with Autism

Education / School

A Call for Reform of the Least Restrictive Environment

Strategies for Navigating College for Students with Autism


Creating Inclusive Work Environments for Employees with Disabilities

Financial Planning

The Importance of Special Needs Trusts for Children with Autism


Autism Spectrum News Spotlight on Excellence: An Interview with Rita Gardner, President & CEO of Melmark


“It’s Special” Podcast with Tracey Spencer Walsh, Esq. and Cecelina McCarton, MD


New Curriculum and Pilot Program Affirms Adults with Autism Want to be Loved

Understanding and Resolving Conflict in Divorce Involving Autistic Children


Mesa, Arizona: Leading the Way as an Inclusive and Accessible Travel Destination

Treatments and Interventions

The Promise of Quality ABA: What Value-Based Care Means for Families

* Article written by an Autistic Adult

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