2019 MHNE Event Board Photo

MHNE Board of Directors at the 2019 Leadership Awards Reception

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Your Support Changes Lives
The barriers and challenges to seeking and receiving care are great, and much of it is steeped in stigma and taboo about mental illnesses, substance use disorder, and autism.

Many are afraid to ask for help or do not know where to find it. In a time of profound change in healthcare systems with vital programs being scaled back in many communities, our publications fill a critical void by providing a key source of science-based information, education, advocacy and resources from the local, state and national perspective.

Impact in 2019
This year, tens of thousands of print copies of Behavioral Health News and Autism Spectrum News were delivered to individuals and families in need and to the service providers who care for them. In addition, we posted each quarterly issue of both publications in their entirety for free reading on our websites.

With our print and online formats, we are now reaching over 250,000 annual readers made up of consumers, families, treatment professionals, service providers, educators, and key decision makers in the Northeast and throughout the country. Your support has allowed us to print over 160 informative and educational articles in 2019. This year’s topics have included:

Autism Spectrum News 
Autism and Community Engagement
Supporting Older Adults with Autism
Improving Communication Skills
Autism and the Transition to Adulthood

Behavioral Health News
Examining Models of Integrated Care
The Behavioral Health Workforce 
Caring for Older Adults
Changes in Our Children’s System of Care

Autism Spectrum News is a nonprofit publication that relies on donations in order to fulfill our mission of providing vital education and hope to individuals and families whose lives are affected by mental illness, substance use disorder, and autism spectrum disorders.

Your donation will go directly to helping us reach those individuals that rely on our publications as a life-line, providing them with the news, information, resources and hope that they need and also to the professional community that rely on our publications for training and continued education to best serve the behavioral health and autism communities.

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