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ASN Winter 2023 Issue

“Understanding and Promoting Autism Advocacy”

ASN Winter 2023 Issue

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Articles in This Issue

Understanding and Promoting Autism Advocacy

“Putting Me in My IEP”: Encouraging Self-Advocacy in Younger Students

* A Call to Action: The Need for Advocacy in Healthcare Access in Autism

* Advocacy on Behalf of Less-Impaired Autistics

* Advocating for the Advocate

Autism Advocacy Advice for Families of Color

* Autism Advocacy: Inclusion, Empowerment, and Human Rights

* Autism Without Fear: A Major Flaw in College Autism Programs

* Autistic Lived Experience: When I Learned that Helen Keller Believed in Eugenics

Educational Entitlement for ABA Services: A Right for All

* Honoring My Limitations as an Autistic Entrepreneur

How to Advocate for Your Nonspeaking or Minimally Verbal Child or Adult

How to Advocate Successfully at School for Your Child with Autism

Opportunities for Disability Employment

* Putting My Lived Experience to Good Use

Research-Based Recommendations for Building Self-Advocacy Competence

S:US’ Community Fridge Project: Cultivating Social Justice and Health Equity in Our Community

Supporting Teens and Adults in Becoming the Best Self-Advocate They Can

* The Unique Responsibility of Neuroexpansive Minds for Cultural Inclusion

* This is What Autistiphobia Looks Like: Why Autistic Advocacy Matters

Using Explicit Instruction to Teach Self-Advocacy

* Using Storytelling as a Self-Advocacy Tool

In the News

Autism Spectrum News Honored by the Autism Society of America with The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Leader in Adult Autism Award

A Parent’s Personal Story

Is It Genetic? My 40-Year Journey of Misdiagnoses for My Son

For Service Providers

Building a Better Future: A Blueprint for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Autism Service Providers


Hiring People with Disabilities as Direct Support Staff – AHRC NYC Advance & Earn Provides Training and Support for NYC Youth With and Without Disabilities


Pathways to Resolution of Special Education Conflicts

* Article written by an Autistic Adult

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