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ASN Winter 2024 Issue

“Understanding and Accommodating Varying Sensory Profiles”

ASN Winter 2024 Issue

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Articles in This Issue

Understanding and Accommodating Varying Sensory Profiles

Addressing Sensory Behaviors Through the Lens of an Occupational Therapist and a Behavior Analyst

* Advocating for Sensory-Inclusive Education: IEPs, Classrooms, and Schools

* Designing a Sensory-Friendly Workplace for Autistic Adults

Establishing Sensory Inclusive Theater Experiences

Harnessing the Power of Nature: Outdoor Sensory Activities for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Inclusive Housing: How Sensory-Friendly Features Can Help Address a Growing Need

Meeting the Sensory Needs of Autistic Patients with Dental Care Challenges

* Nurturing Comfort: Sensory Processing Through an Autistic Lens

NYU Libraries Opens Low-Sensory Room for Neurodiverse Students and Others Who Benefit From a Calming Environment

* Sensory Sensitivities, Accommodations, and Technological Solutions

Sensory-Friendly Hospital Experiences for Children with Autism

Sensory-Friendly Tools and Resources for Autism Caregivers

Setting Students Up for Success: Balancing Sensory Needs in the Classroom

Supporting Sensory Diversity: Building Inclusive Classrooms

Supporting Students’ Self-Regulation Needs: An Occupational Therapy Perspective

The Power of Sensory Integration: Enhancing Communication for Non-Speaking Individuals

The Regulating Benefit of Rituals

The Role of Sensory-Focused Education in Inclusive Classrooms

The Silent Roadblock: Understanding the Ripple Effects of Feeding Difficulties on the Spectrum

#ActuallyAutistic Self-Advocates

* All Are Welcome: Creating an Inclusive Festival

* Autistic Lived Experience: Unable to Be There for a Friend in Need

* I’ll Always Be a Sea Creature

Assessment and Diagnosis

Genetics, Diagnosis, and the Male-Female Gender Gap in Autism

Co-Occurring Conditions

Helping Youth with Autism and Co-Occurring Low Vision and Blindness


Find Autistic Talent with Hire Autism

In the News

Monica Carr, PhD, Joins Autism Spectrum News Editorial Board

The Autism Society of America Awards the Cast and Crew of “How to Dance in Ohio” with the 2023 Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Leader in Adult Autism Award

Interviews with Autism Leaders

Autism Spectrum News Interviews Jessica Sassi, PhD, BCBA-D, LABA, President and CEO of The New England Center for Children


New Therapeutic Puppet Aids in Tele-Delivered Autism Therapy


Cruising Tips for a Fun Autism Friendly Family Vacation

* Five Comfort Tools to Empower Your Driving

* Indicates an article written by an Autistic Adult

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