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ASN Fall 2022 Issue

“Relationships and Sexuality”

ASN Fall 2022 Issue

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Articles in This Issue

Relationships and Sexuality

A Brief Guide to Discussing Intimacy and Sex in Neurodiverse Couples Therapy

An Exploration of Why Autistic Adults Are Practicing Consensual Non-Monogamy

* Autism and Adolescence: For Many, the Most Challenging Time of Life

* Autism Without Fear: Reframing Our Conversations About “Sex”

Circles of Sexuality: Creating Inclusive, Comprehensive Sex Education for Autistic Students

* Demystifying Autistic Gender

* Intimate Relationship Failures From an Autistic Perspective

Marriage Proposal Carries Consequences

Neurodiverse Couples: Making Meaningful Moments of Every Day – Having a Good Morning

Recognizing and Understanding Neurodiversity in Couples

* Sex Education for Autistic People: Why It’s Not Too Much to AASK

* Sexual Consent and Communication

The Importance of Proactive Sexuality Education for the Autistic Population

The Neurodiverse Love Relationship GPS (Gaining Perspective for Success)

Tips for Parents and Teachers to Support Autistic Children in Developing and Maintaining Friendships

Tips for Women in Relationships with Partners on the Autism Spectrum

Webinar: Preparing for Puberty in Children with Autism

* What My Autism Has Taught Me About Dating and Relationships

* Why Autistic Children Struggle with Developing Friendships

Celebrating and Supporting Autistic Children and Adults

* Autism, Masking, and Sense of Self

* Inside Dell Technologies’ Neurodiversity Hiring Program: An Autistic Cybersecurity Analyst’s Success Story

Making Meaningful Connections: Amy Kelly Discusses Value of Devereux’s Internal Family Support Group

Making Space for Mourning: A Grief Support Session

Rethinking Non-Compliance as a Skill and Promoting Self-Advocacy

Suicide and Autism

Autism and the Troubling Risk of Suicide

Working to Prevent Suicide in Youth with Autism

* Article written by an Autistic Adult

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