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ASN Summer 2021 Issue

“Autism and Employment”

ASN Summer 2021 Issue

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2 Responses

  1. Orlando Rozo says:

    I’m looking for help to my son Nicolas, he is 26 years old he has Asperger, he graduated last year with 2 majors, Geology and Math,he is trying to find job specially in Geology that he likes a lot,but couldn’t find,he owe 40000 in loans that he needs to start to pay in 2 months,also when he get 26 years old on August 11th, my employee healthcare doesn’t cover him anymore,and he needs medications and therapy,we live in Omaha,Nebraska and there is no no effective help for us,could you give an advice or show me the right way to take? I’m very deesperate ,my name Orlando Rozo my phone number 308-258-2941,I will appreciate your help

  2. David Minot says:

    Hi Orlando – I would suggest you reach out to one of our authors in this issue. We try to include contact information at the end of every article. Best of luck to you and your son Nicolas.

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