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The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation’s “NYC Overload Project” Creates Employment for Singer/Songwriters

Envisioning and then creating innovative employment opportunities for adults living with Autism has always been a hallmark of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation’s mission. Last spring, while attending a performance by participants from The Miracle Project New York, the seeds of another new inspiration were planted.

The Miracle Project New York group wrote a funny, satirical original song about their hectic hometown entitled “NYC Overload.” The big-band Broadway style musical arrangement is about sensory overload (experienced by many on the autism spectrum) and the sights, sounds, smells (rats, pigeons, honking taxis, pizza pies) of NYC! After I saw the performance I thought that this song would be a great way to enhance awareness. I also felt that we could create a first-ever (to my knowledge) opportunity for these singer/songwriters to professionally record their song and get paid for doing so.

“This catchy song also promotes an understanding about the sensory issues many individuals living with Autism experience and find challenging as they engage in community life,” says Vicki Ofmani, a member of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Board of Trustees. 

The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation was established over a dozen years ago as the first Autism organization in the United States to focus exclusively on adults. Since then it has pioneered opportunities relating to all aspects of adult life and has developed many work experiences in the arts including pop-up art galleries run by people on the spectrum, art studio employment, musical theater programs, and art mentorship programs that benefit adults living with Autism.

Says Ofmani, “Now The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation has opened another door so that singers and songwriters on the spectrum can record their original music and get paid for it by hopefully sell the CD that is being produced.”

Elaine Hall, founder of the Miracle Project, hopes to get celebrities engaged in the project for its next phase, including a group of Broadway stars. “It would be wonderful to add celebrity voices to create and even more professional recording that hopefully will lead to more awareness and support,” says Hall. Stayed tuned for this…

The Miracle Project is a fully inclusive musical theater program for children, teens, and adults of all abilities. Through shared creative experiences with typically developing siblings and peers, those with autism and other disabilities grow in confidence and self-esteem; those without disabilities grow in compassion and understanding. Together they create an original musical.

The Miracle Project is the subject of the two-time Emmy award winning HBO documentary “Autism: The Musical,” which has been shown all over the world.

The Miracle Project has received hundreds of requests to replicate it in other communities. The Miracle Project NYC is directed by Aaron Feinstein, who worked with the students to create “NYC Overload.” “We were able to get professional musicians to donate their talent to record the track and the adults in our program were over the moon about recording live in a studio and getting paid as working singer/songwriters.”

“New York City Overload”

Written and performed by the Miracle Project NYC


New York City overload

New York City overload

New York City overload

New York City


It’s stupid loud in New York

There’s such a crowd in New York

There’s so much noise and honest oys (OY!)

You can’t keep your poise


Too many rats in New York

And Fat Cats in New York

Crammed into this stinky train

It’s too much for my brain


There’s a premium on space so
pigeon get outta my face

You gotta find your place in New York


New York City overload

New York City


Life is rough in New York

Folks are tough in New York

So hey, we got some attitude- it’s honest,
it ain’t rude


I’m always broke in New York-(but not really)

And school’s a joke in New York-(but that depends)

You gotta do what you gotta do



In this town you can get around

If you’re a freak a geek or a dork

You gotta find your place in New York


New York City overload

New York City overload

New York City overload



I’ll be a star in New York

Don’t need a car in New York

The food is great, it’s the empire state

and the people are first rate!


So you can have your cheesecake
and eat it too

With a plastic deli spork

You got to find your place

In New York!


New York City overload

New York City overload

New York City overload



So plug your ears and close your eyes,

Too much external stimuli

The sights, the sounds, the smells, the PIES…


You gotta find your place in New Yooooork.



The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation ( develops, advocates for and funds programs, resources and public policy that benefit the diverse population of adults living with Autism. Visit our website to contact us and learn more about our national initiatives.

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