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Webinar: Introducing Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program

Introducing Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program (SIPP)

A new model of transition to higher education and the workforce for individuals on the autism spectrum

Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program (SIPP) is a gateway to higher education and the workforce for those whose passions include aviation, aeronautics, aerospace, engineering, and related fields. SIPP incorporates the most advanced approaches to learning to create a revolutionary 12-month experiential education program that addresses one of the most significant challenges for autistics:  making the move to life beyond high school.

SIPP integrates academic, social-emotional, executive function and life skills with a blended delivery of experiential, classroom and virtual instruction. A strengths-based approach advances technical and academic learning, while concurrently developing essential social, practical and workforce skills. SIPP merges these essential components facilitating those on spectrum to work productively and independently as required in today’s job market, a crucial step to sustained competitive employment.

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What You Will Learn

During the webinar, the Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program Curriculum Team speaks about the SIPP curriculum and methodology, their makerspace model, the social-emotional learning and life skills components of the program, and they detail the application and enrollment process. In addition, you will learn:

– How did a simple question posed by a parent observing his autistic daughter and her friends spark the creation of Spectrum Innovates?

– What are the underpinnings of SIPP’s methodology and why do they set it apart from other approaches?

– What are the implications for the future of educational practice for autistic and allistic learners?

SIPP is funded in part by a research grant from the National Science Foundation, Advanced Technological Education division

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About SIPP

Spectrum Innovates entered into a collaborative arrangement with Vaughn College to create this pathway program as a bridge year to employment or college for autistic individuals. Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program (SIPP) is a prototypal transition pathway program for those on spectrum who share a common passion for aeronautics and related fields. The program is located at Vaughn’s state of the art facility adjacent to LaGuardia Airport in New York City. This comprehensive 12-month pathway program, which culminates with a 6-week residency experience, gives autistics an unprecedented opportunity to pursue higher education, enter the job market and lead fulfilling lives.

Webinar Speakers Panel

Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program Curriculum Team

Firas Atchoo, BBA, BS
Acting Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and Director, Spectrum Innovates
SIPP Admissions Team

Eleanore Bednarsh, MA
Director of Programs, Spectrum Innovates
SIPP Curriculum Team

Samantha Alba, BCBA, MA
Social Emotional Learning Facilitator, Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program
Spectrum Innovates Advisory Council
SIPP Curriculum Team

Hope Chafiian, MA
Spectrum Innovates Advisory Council
SIPP Curriculum Team

Patrick Waters, MEd
Spectrum Innovates Director
SIPP Curriculum Team

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